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Eyes review snake Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes review: the best G.I. Joe is always a ninja

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Snake Eyes (2021)

Eyes review snake GI Joe

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Eyes review snake Snake Eyes:

Snake Eyes Review: GI Joe Spinoff Isn't Worthy of Henry Golding's Charms

Eyes review snake Snake Eyes:

Eyes review snake Snake Eyes

Larry Hama Reviews Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Movie

The Main Character in ‘Snake Eyes’ Is a Horrible Person. It’s Awesome.

The crosses and double-crosses are seen a mile away.

  • Director Robert Schwentke also failed to give much cohesion to the all-over-the-place script with his annoying shaky-cam and sword-cut editing, as well as his mostly migraine-inducing action scenes.

  • I miss those old ninja movies man.

  • Joe, no idea; never seen him, or the comics or the cartoon shows, indeed never really paid any attention until the 2009 film, and I never saw that! He infiltrates the elite Arashikage clan on behalf of Kenta Takehiro Hira , the prodigal son once positioned for the top spot, now intent on taking it by force.

Snake Eyes Review: A Real American Head

But the focus stays on Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, as the ninja in black and the ninja in white become involved in what is mostly gray-area.

  • The fact that it could probably be regarded more in line with a soft reboot is all the more astonishing when you consider that it is so painfully daft.

  • Our Take: Welp, director Robert Schwentke the Divergent series, ugh has not broken precedent and made a good G.

  • Joe universe in the cartoon promoted individuals who needed to set aside their differences and work as a team.