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Karaage Tacos with Citrus Mayo

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Mayo karaage teriyaki Japanese Fried

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Mayo karaage teriyaki Japanese Fried

Karaage Rice Bowl 中華風唐揚げ丼 • Just One Cookbook

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Mayo karaage teriyaki Japanese Fried

Taku from Chef Shota Nakajima to Reopen May 5 with Menu Focused on Karaage

Mayo karaage teriyaki Sushiria



This is a little-known secret outside of Japan, but the chicken pieces are deep fried twice to make them crunchy on the outside and juicy inside! It sounds like something strange, but it really is very good.

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  • The objective of this step is to cook the chicken to just before fully cooked without browning the surface too much.

  • Karaage means fry, and is a Japanese cooking technique where foods are deep-fried in oil.

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Easy Karaage Rice Bowl Karaage, pronounced kah-rah-ah-geh, is Japanese style fried chicken that is as popular as gyoza.

  • I used sesame oil to fry the chicken.

  • The teriyaki was good but not marinated quite as long as I would like maybe it was just my batch.

  • I've made a great chicken salad out of it and even put it on burgers.

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