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Even when the available space or the fixed data types provided by a programming language or environment are too limited to allow for variables to be defensively allocated with generous sizes, by carefully ordering operations and checking operands in advance, it is often possible to ensure a priori that the result will never be larger than can be stored.

  • What do you mean by setting such a limit? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.

  • The maximum number of jumps in the is 8,388,607 after which the next jump will overflow the counter to 0, and afterward the counter will not increase further.

  • In dolorem praesentium velit ea esse consequuntur cum fugit sequi voluptas ut possimus voluptatibus deserunt nisi eveniet! Books and papers overflowed his desk.

Overflow Definition & Meaning

The notorious bug in was purportedly caused by an integer underflow which occurred when the game attempted to subtract 2 from Gandhi's default aggression level of 1, setting it to 255, nearly 26 times higher than the normal maximum of 10.

  • The time is counted by frames, not by actual seconds, so speeding up the framerate in an emulator will make the timer go faster.

  • The creek overflows every spring.

  • Attempting to sell them all at once rolls over from 255 to 0, and the shopkeeper will pay you nothing for them because the game thinks you're selling nothing.

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