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Cycle vicious Vicious Cycle

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Vicious Cycle

Cycle vicious Vicious Cycle

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Cycle vicious Vicious Cycle

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Cycle vicious Vicious cycle

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Vicious Cycle (Intervention, #2) by Terri Blackstock

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The cycle of poverty

Lost and not wanting to sell her baby she give it to Lance.

  • Then Lance finds a baby in the back seat of his car, and is soon arrested for kidnapping.

  • Lampshaded at the end by Aidan.

  • We're back in the middle of the Covington family's lives -- one year has passed since we met them in the first book.


When she was healing he was spoon feeding her, but couldn't be bothered to read his daughter a night time story until he was practically made to do so! Now why do you have to mess with his feelings like that.

  • Not with this novel.

  • You are welcome to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT for specific services to minimize the amount of time you are without your ride.

  • In the meantime Jordan's mother and brother are furious with her and make her call the police and tell them that Lance has kidnapped her baby.