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585 Saint Remi Ter #4, SUNNYVALE, CA 94085

Me near tong sui 30 Street

Me near tong sui Tong Sui

Me near tong sui Tong Sui

Sui Chun Tong: Address 22*** **** Ave, San Francisco, CA

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Despite being busy to cater for all needs, this humble food stall still insists on keeping their ingredients faithful to traditional recipes in order to craft the most authentic and traditional dessert delicacies.

  • Wow it was a really happy+memorable+tiring nite hahaha.

  • This is one of the most instagrammable dessert in Tong Sui Po if not the whole Penang.

  • Also, it had a moderate sweetness to it, which was fine for me but not a thick sweet flavor that you might expect with boba for example.