Uk petrol shortage - ‘I daren’t go any distance’: how are people coping with UK fuel shortages?

Shortage uk petrol Petrol shortages

Shortage uk petrol No UK

Shortage uk petrol Petrol stations

Shortage uk petrol Petrol stations

Shortage uk petrol Fuel shortages

Shortage uk petrol Petrol stations

Why petrol stations in the UK are running out of fuel despite there being no shortage

Shortage uk petrol Petrol stations

Shortage uk petrol Why petrol

Shortage uk petrol Petrol stations

Eco mob cause UK fuel shortage as one in three petrol stations in the South close

Shortage uk petrol Drivers left

Petrol stations fuel shortage: Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion protest and block oil depots

There is no fuel crisis, there's no petrol because people heard the words 'panic buy' from the TV and the stupid idiots who are selfish and greedy filled up their cars to the brim and then filled up several jerry cans.

  • A spokesperson told MailOnline: 'If you have half a tank, just wait until tomorrow or Monday to fill it up, there's no need to rush to the station.

  • Doctors and nurses from a small group of medical workers who refused to leave Lambeth Bridge were among those arrested, Extinction Rebellion tweeted.

  • Among the areas most affected by the protests, , our sister site BirminghamLive reports.

No UK fuel shortage despite some petrol stations running out of diesel and petrol

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  • And at 6:30am, the Grays Inter Terminal in Thurrock was swarmed by 40 people who climbed the loading bay pipework and locked themselves in.

  • The group are demanding the Government stops new fossil fuel projects.

  • Extinction Rebellion is told time and again to stop disrupting ordinary people and target the bad guys instead.