Nct dream album - Pre

Dream album nct Pre

Dream album nct ‎The First

Dream album nct NCT Dream

‎The First

Dream album nct :

Dream album nct NCT DREAM

Dream album nct 'Glitch Mode':

Dream album nct NCT DREAM

NCT Dream

Dream album nct :

Dream album nct 'Glitch Mode':

Dream album nct NCT DREAM

NCT Dream Talk Pressures of Releasing Second Album ‘Glitch Mode’


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  • The live concert was held on May 10.

  • SM is still doing press for Red Velvet due to their amazing release today, so it's natural that they aren't trying to have their own groups' achievements competing with each other in the press.

  • Plus not everyone who will buy the album will pre-order.

NCT Dream Discography (Updated!)

Even if you wanted to buy both versions…there was no guarantee you would get one of each.

  • I think more people have splintered into choosing a unit and only supporting that one financially.

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