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As the manna in the golden pot, which else had melted, was preserved in the ark of the covenant beneath the mercy seat, so shall the faithful be preserved in the covenant by the power of Jesus their propitiation.

  • Up to this point in the theophany He is described as coming forth, like the sun out of His chamber, heaven and earth reflecting His glory, but now He stands and measures the earth; He looks and the nations tremble, while all creation is affected, and earthquakes shake down the mountains.

  • Spurgeon: His mercy is everlasting.

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  • God is eternal, and must needs be so.

  • Though Habakkuk could not see God, He trusted God, because He knew Him through His Names and attributes, choosing to recall six of His Names Observe them in Hab 1:12.

  • Next He describes His unspeakable blessedness in communion with His Father.

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