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‘Studio 666’ review: Foo Fighters take a stab at horror, with goofy, gory results

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Egan starts to come apart and take it out on his co-workers and family, leading to an uncertain future.

  • A true survivor, Clare meets and hires Billy, played by Aboriginal Australian actor Baykali Ganambarr, a skilled Aboriginal tracker who guides Clare through the wild Tasmanian bush to find and kill the men who took everything she loves away from her.

  • They may result in some tonal inconsistencies and narrative clunkiness, but there are certainly worse ways to spend a runtime.

  • A lot of people wonder if the black-and-white film Angels with Filthy Souls is some long-lost gem that Chris Columbus featured in a scene in Home Alone.

Stabathon: Revisiting the Fictional 7

From the four alternate Halloween universes, to all three Slumber Party Massacres, just about every franchise has at least a few follow-ups, and most of them prioritize wacky kills over tension and big ideas.

  • However, very little of Stab is actually seen in Scream 2.

  • There is no melding of monster and man, rather an unsuccessful effect that holds the fiend back from achieving the pathos necessary to spark emotional impact.

  • Scott William Winters reappears as Clark, once again having a battle of the minds with Will in a bar.