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2022 Setel collaborates with Siti Khadijah to support women communities

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All The Shops Available for Siti Khadijah

Outlet siti khadijah Setel collaborates

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25 Apr 2022 Onward: Siti Khadijah Raya Promotion at Freeport A'Famosa

Telekung Siti Khadijah is the First Innovation Telekung provided to meet the needs of Modern Muslimahs who want to use practical, comfortable and reliable prayer clothing that has a design with forehead chin pads in the shape of a telekung child that has been sewn once which helps to prepare this.

  • Now, Siti Khadijah has become one of the leading telekung brands in the country with its wide range of beautifully-designed , modest wear, and accessories for men, women, and children.

  • We have telekung of various styles and use various fabrics to suite everyone's taste.

  • Yang penting bersih dan baik.

5 Reasons Why Telekung Siti Khadijah is a Hit among Malaysians

Selain itu juga, karena aku orangnya perfeksionis, maka aku akan minta ibu untuk membuat si mukena nempel pas dan cantik di wajahku.

  • Siti Khadijah Lifestyle is a sub-brand of Siti Khadijah and it focuses on more casual Muslimah wear that is appealing to the younger generations.

  • Bertemu teman, klien atau tamu aja, kita kudu berpakaian yang baik, bersih dan enak dipandang kan? Online Store The third reason why this famous telekung is so celebrated is because of its online store.

  • After all, you wear fancy and expensive clothes to a dinner party to meet ordinary human beings, why not spend as much to meet the Almighty? Telekung Siti Khadijaha also makes it easier for users when wearing and removing them and increases their confidence during worship.