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Meaning momentous Momentous

Meaning momentous momentous Meaning

Meaning momentous Momentous meaning

How to use "momentous" in a sentence

Meaning momentous Momento

momentous: Meaning and Definition of

Meaning momentous Momento Definition

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Meaning momentous MOMENTOUS English

momentous Meaning in marathi

Meaning momentous Momentous meaning

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Meaning momentous Momentous


Meaning momentous momentous

Momentous Institute

Help children to develop the virtues of patience, gratitude, respect and empathy towards fellow beings.

  • David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens It proved a momentous night for Martin, for after dinner he met Russ Brissenden.

  • When a moment is so great you know you'll never forget it, you have just experienced something momentous.

  • Obviously with projects this momentous there's bound to be a touch of skullduggery.

How to use "momentous" in a sentence

Each box includes access to three online classes: Brain Basics, Trauma 101 and Ten Proven Paths to Classroom Connection.

  • Committing troops to battle is the most momentous decision any Prime Minister can make.

  • This momentous shift has combined with the coming of age of human rights advocacy from the grass roots in Western countries.

  • Pliny the Younger also posited that art, like science, evolves cumulatively, except for momentous turning points where many cultures intersect and interact.