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A great skill of craftsmanship is required to produce the most competitive gasing top , some of which spin for two hours at a time.

  • Other religions like Taoism, Confucianism, etc.

  • Specializes In Ergonomics And Modernization SIF have experienced in production and professionals design of furniture.

  • The woods used for these furnitures are typically from tropical hardwood species that are known to be durable and can resist the attacks of the fungi, power-boots beetles, and termites.


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  • Nylon is used to tie the kite frame.

  • There are also few other low embodied energy eco-friendly building materials in Malaysia certified by experts such as concrete, fibreglass insulation material, plaster ceiling gypsum board , bricks or timber building materials.

  • Indirectly, it also meant that low maintenance is required, long-lasting that subsequently converted into huge cost saving.