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Lars Vilks death: Swedish police rules out foul play; confirms accidental car crash

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Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, whose Prophet Muhammad depiction drew death threats, killed in car crash

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Vilks lars iview

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Remembering Lars Vilks ⋆ News ⋆ The Ladonia Herald

Vilks, who was widely believed to have been the intended target of that 2015 attack, was whisked away unharmed by bodyguards.

  • Vilksin silmälasit särkyivät, mutta hän ei loukkaantunut.

  • May we all find in him a model for emulation.

  • However, the truck driver is taken to the hospital and is undergoing treatment.

Lars Vilks, Swedish Artist Threatened For Muhammad Sketch, Dies In Crash

Lars Vilks had been living under police protection since 2007 when a sketch he did caused him to receive death threats.

  • On the 3rd of October 2021, the news reached us that our Founder and State Secretary, Lars Vilks, had been tragically killed in a car accident just outside Markaryd, in the south of Sweden.

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  • Yhdysvaltalainen Colleen LaRose, joka tunnetaan myös nimellä Jihad-Jane, tuomittiin 2014 kymmenen vuoden vankeuteen suunnitelmista tappaa Vilks.