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An version was released on November 21, 2017.

  • He has created several 'firsts' in mosaic, including from picks, tennis star on carpet made from household items like tomato sauce and lipstick, in metal, a chewing gum mosaic, a bullets mosaic and several others.

  • Her research interests include historical and racial literacy, community education, critical and visual literacy, transmedia literacies of comics and graphic novels, youth identity development, artivism, speculative civics and afrofuturism in education.

  • She teaches science methods courses for elementary and secondary pre-service and in-service teachers, preparing them to teach science to diverse student groups in underserved communities.

The Mosaic Company

Read more Sheila Breslaw has been a school coach since 2006.

  • She has facilitated workshops nationwide on content- area literacy, and approaches to teaching reading and writing to heterogeneously-grouped secondary students.

  • The team at Mosaic have a can do attitude and can always be relied upon to deliver a quality product.

  • We particularly value their proactive approach, the implementation of innovative projects and the professional team that we have collaborated with.

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