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In malay burnout Prevalence of

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Burnout among Female Teachers in Malaysia.

Who should be given ventilators and what should be the threshold of withdrawing care? As one of the human services, healthcare work often entails interpersonal and emotional stressors, such as negative feedback from clients.

  • For comparison, the scores in these domains of a sample of health centre staff in an Iranian city ranged from 13.

  • The corresponding authors whose articles were not freely available were contacted by phone and via emails.

  • Many doctors and pharmacists are on short-term contracts, and their job security and career progression are not assured.

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Knowing exactly what you need from your career will help you confidently make decisions about it.

  • More studies are needed in non-medical students as they have been neglected in most of the studies.

  • For employees in managerial and professional positions, it is important to encourage and facilitate the use of different talents and skills at work, as high skill variety can enhance perceived meaningfulness of the job and self-esteem, thereby increasing satisfaction and reducing burnout.

  • In a time-sensitive situation where the system is already overwhelmed, burnout can lead to medical errors with substantial cost to patients and the healthcare system.

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