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Meaning retort retort: Meaning

retort: Meaning and Definition of

Meaning retort retort furnace

retort: Meaning and Definition of

Meaning retort Retort pouch


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retort: Meaning and Definition of

Meaning retort retort furnace

Meaning retort Retort Technology

retort furnace

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Maybe someone isn't comfortable with the data from the thermocouple.

  • This increases the level of vacuum in the container and reduces the amount of oxygen present, both of which extend the shelf life.

  • Retort pouches are used in , , fish products, , , and brands such as and.

  • One concern in overcooking, or burning the product nearest the outside, so agitation is critical to obtaining an acceptable product.


The underlying concept - heating foods prone to microbial spoilage in hermetically sealed containers to extend the shelf life - remains the operating principle which defines as well as limits the process.

  • Shale oil extraction and charcoal development commonly use retort furnaces.

  • No refrigeration or freezing required Packaging Material Foods can be sterilized in rigid containers like glass, metal cans and plastic or flexible retort pouches.

  • In the best tradition of robbing Peter to pay Paul, achieving microbial stability by retorting comes at the expense of flavor, texture and nutritional loss.