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Baselworld: Herm├Ęs Pavilion. A Masterpiece by Toyo Ito. ÔÇö WATCH COLLECTING LIFESTYLE

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5 Reasons Your Luxury Brand Must Be on Tmall Luxury Pavilion

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Herm├Ęs collaborates with architect Toyo Ito for Herm├Ęs Pavilion at Baselworld 2013

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┬╗ Herm├Ęs La Montre pavilon by Toyo Ito, Basel

Pavilion hermes Hermes

┬╗ Herm├Ęs La Montre pavilon by Toyo Ito, Basel

Herm├Ęs Beauty to launch in KL on the 4th of March

Escape to our Luxury King accommodation.

  • Many luxury brands have a shop there like Cartier or Chlo├ę.

  • The Terrace Suite basks in 1,000 sq.

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Luxury Paper Pop

The opening ceremony and party starts at 7pm, Thursday, 17th January.

  • In practice, this became a large video screen that spanned the entrance of the Hermes pavilion, with the looping scenography depicting colourful, reimagined landscapes.

  • Covered with 624 wooden planks, the fa├žade covers a second inner structure made of wood, glass, metal and greenery.

  • It is covered by vegetation.