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2008 hulk Hulk

2008 hulk The Incredible

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2008 hulk The Incredible

2008 hulk The Incredible

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2008 hulk Watch The

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We certainly are not even going to attempt that until Avengers 2.

  • He leads an assault on Banner at Culver University, during which Betty is knocked unconscious.

  • The film was nominated for but lost out to , another movie based on Marvel characters.

  • Marvel asked for Abomination's inclusion to be an actual threat to Hulk, unlike General Ross.

The Incredible Hulk (2008 video game)

Betty Ross isn't very developed too, I wanted it to develop her relationship with her father it hardly does that.

  • Although stronger than the Hulk in a calm state, the Abomination has been beaten in many of their confrontations by the Hulk's sheer ferocity and the fact that hulk gains strength with rage.

  • Talbot fires an explosive round, but it rebounds into a back wall and explodes, and Ross resumes command upon Talbot's death.

  • After exposure to elevated gamma radiation levels, he becomes an enormous green humanoid monster when enraged or agitated.