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50 Low Cost Franchises In Malaysia & Their Business Opportunities

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Malaysia llaollao Llaollao Slaps

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llao llao: The Best Yogurt Ice Cream in Malaysia

This is what made up the long queueing lines in all their outlets.

  • Most of the sentiments were neutral 71% while 13% were positive and negative respectively.

  • Memandangkan aiskrim ni diperbuat daripada yogurt, rasanya agak masam.

  • History , pronounced Yao Yao, is a Spanish frozen yoghurt franchise company headquartered in Denia, Alicante region.

llaollao: Nafas Baharu pada Trend Yogurt Sejuk Beku di Malaysia

Also, the additional chocolate drizzzle is just…a must.

  • By designing our beverage in low sugar with organic tea leaf, we believe tea makes people healthier and happier.

  • Bryan is a natural born entrepreneur as he first started his first business venture at the tender age of 6, when he for RM0.

  • Other selections on llao llao menu covers Sensations RM15.

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