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When you purchase four delectable mooncakes, you get to pick either the blue or purple gift bags to bring home.

  • While our confections are enjoyed nowadays as a simple treat, several of our products are of ancient origins and profound cultural significance.

  • After so many years, the brand is still one of our favourites.

  • Hiện tại Tai Thong đã khẳng định vị thế của mình, trở thành thương hiệu bánh trung thu số một tại Malaysia và cả Singapore.

22 Best Mooncakes To Get In KL For Mid

Sow Lan shared that the pastries at Tai Thong cater to all generations.

  • Those flavors include Pure Lotus Single Yolk, Pandan Lotus Single Yolk, Low-Sugar White Lotus Single Yolk, Pearl of Harmony Black Sesame , Taro Hero, Purple Secret Sweet Purple Potato , Precious Black Bamboo Charcoal with Lotus and Durian Delight.

  • VictoryYaya Credit: on Instagram When we asked our readers to share one of their favourite halal mooncakes on Traveller Thursday, many recommended VictoryYaya mooncakes! Apart from supplying to the local market, KLT products has also ventured outside Malaysia, including United States, Australia, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia and so on.

  • But how about broadening your palate to custard egg yolk lava mooncake, longan lava mooncake or taro chestnut mooncake? We are, Malaysia food and travel couple bloggers from Malaysian Flavours.

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