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उल्टै धम्कायो Embassy ले Kantipur आजलाई

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Nepali Swear Words

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Is the graph increasing, decreasing, or constant? +3 A. Increasing B. Decreasing C. Constant

Why would they risk losing millions over a stupid mistake that shouldnt have been made from the beginning if they can fix it and release the game a week later? Just look bere in Nepal we hindus donot give shit in whatever christian are doing we mind our iwn business but converte mf are found vandalising temples, pissing and shitting inside temple premises, burning National flag by calling it as 'hindu flag' now and then still some dumb sickular hindus are defending them.

  • You don't even know the first step in managing a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation, let alone know the first step in determining the pricing, placing, and promotion duties of a new groundbreaking, potentially history-making title like Little Big Planet.

  • I never knew such a condition even existed.

  • When did a fucking atheist in say kashmiri hindus deserve to be burned? Plus when did this subreddit not bash Christianity? You notice from next time, when it comes to criticising Hinduism, they are quickly seen in the comments.



  • Someone saying they've seen something is an anecdote, it's not empiricism.

  • And eventhough I did not find anything or anyone experiencing what I had experienced.

  • These include an apology and a substantial donation, complete withdrawal of the game or modifying the segment featuring the interior of the cathedral, and financial support of Manchester groups trying to reduce gun crime in the city.