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How do the Cycling Olympics work?

Individual Time Trail The Time trail is an event where cyclists race against the clock i.

  • The winner is calculated according to the number of points won.

  • For the Americans, Coryn Rivera finished in seventh, Leah Thomas in 29th and Chloe Dygert in 31st.

  • If a rider laps the field, they are awarded 20 points; and in the last lap, points are double, which can be a deciding factor for the podium.

List of Olympic medalists in cycling (men)

Riders add points to their running total during the sprints every 10 laps and by gaining laps on the field.

  • The distance is 10km for men and 7.

  • There was only one crash in the final, with Daudet taking a spill in a corner.

  • Van Aert drove on the front, while McNulty clung to the wheels until the final sprint.

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